Why we're selling carbon removal units

We're committed to improving the lives of smallholder farmers the world over. And we're just as committed to combating climate change. Our way to unite those two goals is to offer financial incentives for smallholder farmers to engage in agroforestry, empowering them to fight the climate crisis rather than being victimized by it. Currently, we're active in the Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Nicaragua, India, as well as a variety of other countries and regions—and ever-expanding. 

The carbon removal units (or CRUs) that we issue testify that our partnered farmers are planting trees and growing biomass on their land, capturing carbon from the atmosphere, giving us all a bit more room to breathe. So every carbon credit you buy is proof that you've helped make our planet a little healthier. 

Why we're selling them at auction 

We're committed to fairness and equality. You don't get into the carbon removal business or support smallholder farmers if you're not. That's why we sell our CRUs at auction, giving everyone a fair shot at acquiring them by putting a pool up for sale a few times a year, rather than sticking to one-on-one deals. That commitment to fairness is also why our CRUs are priced uniformly: our credits are all of equal value, and this is a market that has seen enough heterogeneity already. 
In addition to that, our credits are direct-retire only. We're not in the speculation business, after all. Buying a credit means removing carbon. Easy as that. And it's an approach our client base appreciates, such as Microsoft and Standard Chartered. 

What sets our CRUs apart 

We make technology work for us. Our carbon removal units are high quality, guaranteed. We track them using the latest and greatest technological advancements: combining LiDAR with satellite monitoring, marrying remote sensing with boots on the ground in the various continents where you can find us. Our solution is trackable and transparent, and scalable to boot. 
And that's just the high-tech part. When you buy Acorn's CRUs, you're not just financing the sequestration of carbon—you're supporting the growth and prosperity of local communities worldwide. How's that for an elevator pitch? Ready to get in on the ground floor? 

In summary

When you buy an Acorn CRU, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Real carbon removal has taken place, traceable to the plot level
  • The credit has been certified by Plan Vivo
  • You have a high impact on local communities worldwide, as 80% of all income goes back to the farmers 

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