We make it easy for your organization to offset your carbon emissions. The less hassle, the more support, after all. So signing up is as straightforward as we can make it: click the link, email us that you're interested, and we'll send you the bidding form and more information. Or read the rest of this page first, for a bit more background information

Acorn auctions in short 

Our CRUs come from various agroforestry projects globally. We expect to be able to generate 100.000 CRUs by this summer, to make available by early July. And to give everyone a fair shot at buying these credits, we'll hold an auction. In three steps: 

1. Sign up 

It's easy: click the link, email us that you're interested, and we'll send you the bidding form and more information. You'll also receive a contract template and the auction's terms and conditions. 

After signing up, you can sit back and relax. We expect to generate 100.000 CRUs of Acorn projects in Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Nicaragua and India. And at the beginning of July, we'll contact you to let you know the final contract size and underlying projects. 

2. Place your bid 

You'll have until September 8 to let us know how many credits you're interested in buying, and at which price (with a minimum of €20 per credit). Minimum bid size is 1000 credits. Maximum bid size is 80% of the total lot. Once bidding closes, we'll process the results together with law firm DLA Piper. 

The highest bid/unit is first considered. Then each progressively lower bid is taken into account, until there are no more units available. The lowest winning price will be the uniform price that every winning party will be paying. So if the highest bid per unit is for 70.000 units at €50 per unit, and the next highest bid is for 30.000 units at €40 per unit, both winners will pay €40 per unit. You might just end up paying less than you bid, but never more. 


3. Get your CRUs 

Up to three days after the auction date, all participants will be contacted. We'll tell you if you've been allocated any credits, how many, and at which price. Winners will receive a contract, with contract finalization to take place within a month of auction settlement. After finalization, all CRUs will be visible in the carbon registry. In your user portal, you can track individual CRU-, farmer- and plotdetails

Important to know: prerequisites 

We believe in our mission and commit ourselves to empowering smallholder farmers and fighting climate change. That also means that we want the organizations who buy our credits to make a real effort, and not just buy a few carbon credits and tick a box. 

At least one of the following measures should be in place to be eligible to purchase Acorn CRUs:

  • A committed science-based target (SBTi) aligned to limiting a global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees; 
  • A written strategy in place to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions (publicly available or available to Rabobank); 
  • Proven greenhouse gas reduction (publicly available or available to Rabobank). 

Rabobank/Acorn reserves the right to refrain from or discontinue contracting with individual organizations that do not (continue to) meet sustainability requirements.

Furthermore, all buyers need to comply with the Rabobank Sustainability Statement. For organizations without a current relationship with Rabobank, a customer due diligence check, in accordance with Rabobank’s due diligence standards will be part of any purchase process.

Drop us a line, and we'll get you signed up